Are you seeking to build a brand and online presence that tells your faith story?


Don’t waste time trying to create a successful brand when I can do it for you. I offer the following services:


Brand Design

Brand identity encompasses everything from the look and feel to the voice of your business. It’s the experience that your clients walk away talking about. When starting out, there are many choices to make and distractions to avoid when attempting to get your brand noticed. From that “just right” logo to a color palette that attracts your ideal client, I specialize in creating visual identities that get brands noticed for all the right reasons. Let’s get started on your #hashtag-worthy brand today. Learn more.


Web Design

In this digital age a great website is a must to establish online presence.  Some business owners feel that social media is all they need. While social media may work for a short while, it doesn’t really work that great in the long run. Your website will be a virtual home for your products and services designed to highlight their best features. It will also allow your clients to get to know the person or people behind the brand.  In addition, you and you alone control the narrative and the look. Learn more.



Are you a business newbie trying to figure it out all on your own? Maybe you have an established business, but have fallen behind in this tech saavy world? Are you thinking about taking steps to become an entrepreneur, but haven't the slightest clue where to start? Regardless of which of those scenarios best describe your life, allow me to help you along your journey with a Small Business Consulting session or my Life-Styling Plan™.  Learn More