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 Are you tired of trying to DELIVER YOUR BRAND ON YOUR OWN?

Hire me, The Brand DOula.


Hey you, let's work together and create something beautiful...


Reveal your standout brand without all the fuss, hassle, and stress. 

No more worrying with creative blocks and tech frustrations.

Give yourself the freedom to focus time and energy on what you love to do!


Choose the area where you need Tam to work her magic:


My goal is to assist every client I work with in designing a life that they love!


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Check out Tam in all her homespun glory as she shares her insightful message of living a life full of balance, purpose, and learning to love every minute of it.

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Hi, Thanks for stopping by...


I’m Tam Finley and I’ve crowned myself the brand doula. I assist clients like you in birthing your dreams to life.

OK, the whole "crowning" thing was just a bit of light-hearted commentary, but seriously I don't take the task of nurturing a client's dream-baby lightly at all. I understand how important it is to you and how much you will sacrifice to witness it reach success. I know because I've been where you are as a budding entrepreneur. I know from experience that how you start-up is the #1 variable that determines how you will finish. As my client, I'll share with you the keys to starting up from scratch and running a successful business.

I offer an array of services which can be summed up in two categories:

Brand Development (Logo, Website, Social Media, and Blog Design)

Business Coaching (Strategy, Marketing, & Plan Implementation)


My clients get access to exclusive, life-altering benefits:

  • They worry less about design/tech issues and have more time to focus on their actual business or services being rendered. (No worrying about code or html, none of that!)

  • They have access to a professional who provides one of a kind customer service. (Umm-hum…They don’t have to search for me or wait on hold!)

  • They gain knowledge and expertise from a small business coach who has been through the process. (I provide real solutions to any problem they encounter.)


Want a website, but can’t fit it into your budget?!

This course will walk any beginner through the process of building a Squarespace website on your own.

You will be coached step-by-step through how to build out your pages using content blocks, learn how-to add text, photos, videos and more to your site.

You will also be taught how to create visual harmony in your layout and get a thorough explanation of components, such as, the difference between a gallery block and a gallery page. This course even delves into many particulars in teaching you how to customize your site utilizing the built in Style Editor, how to change fonts and colors, how to add links or buttons, how to connect your social media and how to set up blogs and forms.

By taking this course, you have the opportunity to learn all the most important aspects of using the Squarespace platform. Each each session will be followed by a LIVE optional Q&A session. This course will take place in November-December 2018.


Bring in 2019 launching your brand and new website!


DON’t Have the budget to hire A professional web designer?

do the next best thing!

Sign up for my DIY - Build Your Own Website Course and have your website up and running in days.

As a Squarespace Authorized Trainer, I have designed a Squarespace 101 course to accommodate entrepreneurs that are just starting up and don’t know where to begin. My DIY course walks you through the process of building your own website. Choose from three course options including one-one-one virtual mentoring sessions in which I walk through the steps of building your own website. I end each course by offering mentees a complete website audit before they launch to give my professional expertise and to ensure their site is cohesive and fully functional.


An easy to follow, no hassle way to create a beautiful, professional brand and website.

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