Tax Prep Workbook

Tax Prep Workbook


This workbook or organizational cheat sheet as some may call it is time-saving tool to assist you in preparing your business documents, receipts, assets, etc for tax season. I know firsthand as a business owner that when I first started out it was a nightmare when tax time rolled around. I was almost pulling my hair out trying to run a business, my life and make sure that my books were accurate. As the owner of a very small business at the time, I didn’t even make enough the first year to justify the cost of hiring a professional accountant. Therefore, I researched on my own and developed this guide to assist for-profit and non-profit small businesses. This guide should never be used in lieu of seeking out a knowledgeable tax professional or legal representative for the big stuff or just for professional opinion. However, it is a useful tool that my husband and I have now used for years to simplify the task of preparing our tax documents. 

This guide or checklist is compiled of three sections filled with information that I found useful and wanted to share with my clients. 


Tax Prep Deductions for Lifepreneurs® 

Tax Prep for Nonprofit Businesses using Form 990-N (e-postcard) 

Tax Prep Checklist for Lifepreneurs® 

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