The clique, the crew, an encouraging networking community.


Life•pre•neur® - /noun : one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of balancing home, business and everything in between.

I know firsthand the stress that comes with trying to balance my home life, a successful career and attempting to keep up with me in between. If I'm not really careful during the process, it's very easy to become overwhelmed. After giving this subject much thought, I came up with a wonderful solution...

Wouldn't it would be great to have a support/network community?

A network of people like me (and you), where we have the freedom and platform to share our experiences and lessons learned with other Lifepreneurs® that are trying to have it all and not lose themselves.

In addition, we gain access to peers to ask questions, mentor, or just to laugh and cry about the whole sha-bang! 

We're all on the same journey towards success in our lives and businesses, whether we're always aware of it or not.  All of us are striving for gold and we've all had less than shining moments along the way. We all had to start from somewhere and believe it or not, none of us have it all together. And at the end of a rough day, it's great to see a truly motivational quote as you scroll through your timeline, an article on a topic that can completely revamp your business process or just having an entire accountability team cheering you on.

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Join the team...

Lifepreneurs®, we get things done!

Member Benefits

  • A community of fellow entrepreneurs that offer insight, inspiration and support along your journey.

  • FREE tools and tips added to your timeless daily to help you along your journey towards balance in your life and business.
  • 10% discount on TFDS™ coaching services
  • Exclusive invites to Lifepreneurs events. 

Relax, Relate & Refresh Retreat

Lifepreneurs® are retreating...more details to come soon!