Revised Design Prototypes

Click on the image to enlarge. Use the feedback button below to tell me what you think. I have updated your logo from the prototypes to feature fluorescent (neon) colors. I changed the trash can icon to reflect your preferences and adjusted the colors to make the image more visible. Once you give me the all clear, I will update your Client Page with your final logo file set. Below you will also find a button ‘Leave A Few Kind Words’ in which you can let me know all about your client experience. When you get a minute, please fill it out. It’s brief, however, it is a very useful tool that helps me offer better services to my clients and also helps me more easily market my products. Thanks again for your business! Tam


Handl Logo

This logo will be used on light colored backgrounds as the official logo. Which recycle sign do you like best?


Handl Logo Variation

This logo will be used on any dark colored backgrounds so that the icon will show up clearly. Let me know which color variation you like best.