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Squarespace 101 - Build Your Own Website

Created & Designed By: Tam Finley, Authorized Squarespace Trainer


An Online Squarespace Course Designed to Catapult You to Success

Build the website you’ve been dreaming of with “no coding” at all. 


This isn’t your average online course…

This online course will teach you how to build a website of your own under the direction and mentoring of a knowledgeable, professional web designer and Squarespace Authorized Trainer, moi (Tam).

I’ve been a web designer and brand stylist for over five years. During that time, I’ve built a flourishing freelance business and assisted numerous clients in building their own brands. One of the main concerns that new business owners often complain of are the costs associated with marketing their brands. Therefore, I designed this course for small business owners who want to build beautiful web spaces to market their products and services without breaking the bank. Now this course will take some elbow grease, but the final product will be well worth it. At the end of the course you will have a full website audit of your site for accuracy, clarity, design cohesiveness and flow. In addition, you will get the joy of knowing you did it on your own.


Benefits of This Course


A well-informed instructor.

Gain knowledge and insight to create a website that is not only visually stunning but, also functional and well organized.

Discover your own aesthetic.

Learn how to make design choices that work well together, while implementing your own style into a cohesive website.

Go at your own pace.

Fun, interactive learning session. Not a snooze event. Show up ready to learn and laugh at my common-sense approach to website design.

Grow your audience & profit.

Create a website that will assist you in your pursuits of growing your clientele, capturing leads, and generating sales.

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You won’t find an online course more flexible than this one.

You have three options to choose from:

Option 1


Complete the course using the 4-part video series at your own pace. Using pre-recorded videos you will get all the info you need to have your basic site up and running in no-time. This course also includes two virtual, 30-minute Q & A sessions to chat and ask questions. You can join the LIVE webinar or go back and watch the replay at your convenience. In addition, there is a new Community Facebook Group where you can meet others who are enrolled in the course and who are on a similar journey in their businesses. A scheduled website audit will take place after you’ve completed the course, but before you publish your site.

This option best serves people who need flexibility while getting their site up and running ASAP. The timeline below will have your site up and ready to go by the end of the month. However, if you need more time to work on your site then by all means, take it.


Module 1

Module 2

Q + A

Module 3

Module 4

Q + A

Module 5

Module 6

Audit Begins


Course Available Date: TBD

Cost: $499


Option 2


This LIVE course will take place during 4 sessions in August - Monday the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th using a virtual platform. Each of these sessions will be held on a Monday night at 6PM CST/7PM EST. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share with fellow mentees in attendance. You will also have access to the Community Facebook Group to meet fellow students, chat, and ask questions. Scheduled audits will take place the last week of Sept 3rd - Sept 6th.

This option best serves people want to invest more time learning the platform. The timeline below will have your site and ready for perusing.



Week 1: Module 1 & Module 2

Q + A

Week 2: Module 3 & Module 4

Q + A

Week 3: Module 5 & Module 6

Week 4: Q+A

Audit Begins


Course Start Date: TBD

Cost: $675


Option 3


These four one-on-one learning sessions will be scheduled at a time which works best for your schedule within the month of August. During each session, you will be able to questions as we go along and get feedback. Your audit will be scheduled after completion of your final session.

This option best serves people who want individual guidance and insight in building their website. You have the option of choosing more flexible dates and times to accommodate your busy schedule. You will have an optional 30-minute Q+A at the end of each session.Utilizing the information and resources provided in this course will have your site up and running just in time for you post your holiday deals.

Day 1: Intro & Module 1

Day 2: Module 2 & Module 3

Day 3: Module 4 & Module 5

Day 4: Module 6 & Q + A

Following Week: Audit Begins


Course Start Date: TBD

Cost: $850


Small (really not small) Print & Benefits

Regardless of which option you choose, each session will be 60-minutes long and packed with relevant, practical info (no delays or fluff).

A 30-minute optional Q & A session will follow each lesson if you choose Option 2.

Following the last session of each option, I will be available for one-on-one scheduled audits to provide tech support and assistance in getting your website published and launched.

All virtual learning/meetings sessions will begin and end promptly at the scheduled times.

Last, but definitely one of my favorite benefits, you will be added to my exclusive ‘DIY Website Builders’ Facebook Group where you will be amongst fellow Web Design DIY-ers to ask questions and get honest feedback.

Spaces for this course are limited so get registered today!

Registration is closed for this course.

Registration will reopen in Winter 2019

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