Branding 102 - Inspiration Board


Visit your premade Pinterest Board and begin pinning items that fit well with the overall aesthetic of your brand. If you aren't familiar with it, Pinterest it is a virtual pin board that I utilize as a tool construct a clearer vision of my client's aspirations and vision for their brand. You should have received an invite in your email (check your spam). If you haven't already accepted the invitation please do so now.

Once, inside your Pinterest board you will see that I've already started the process by pinning images that I will give you an example of the information that I'm seeking. Keep the party going by pinning additional images that you feel represent where your brand is headed in terms of imagery, color palette, style and etc. Pinterest is easy to use and it has tons of resources. Use the 'help' tab if you have trouble pinning. You can search things that will give me a feel for your style as well as the brand.  For ex: cars, signs, travel spots, fonts, color palettes, brands you like. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.