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Brand Inspiration Board

As promised, here’s your inspiration board for CRB Electrical Services!

It provides visual imagery to convey the proposed look, feel, and voice of the brand through images and information gathered from your Pinterest Board, brand questionnaire, and business consult. If there is anything below that you feel does represent your brand and the direction it is headed in don’t hesitate to let me know. I will not use these images on your site. They are merely to provide a reference point for me to refer to throughout the remainder of the project. It keeps me from deviating too far from the original design aesthetic as you provide feedback.

I kept the brand just like you: uncomplicated, in the box, with a little fun every now and then. The theme of the site is “Quality”. Below you will find the suggested color palette in the boxes. The typography will include a variation of bold, statement-making serifs and modern, sleek sans-serif fonts. The iconography (icons) will consist of electrical elements such as plugs, cords, wires, etc.

Let me know if this design plan lines up with your vision using the feedback button at the bottom of the page.

Thanks Tam!