The Best Last Minute Gifts Ideas from a Mom for Moms


It’s quickly approaching the day that we set aside to celebrate Mothers. Those kind-hearted, nurturers that truly make the world a better place by raising up good people to keep this thing rolling right along. Whether a biological Mom, an adopted Mom, Granny, Grand, or GlamMom standing in, Auntie, Head Cousin-in-Charge or Sister-on-duty you’re a Mom nevertheless. And this post is for you! (FYI, I must inform you that this blog post does contain links from affiliate companies, in as much, any statement that I make about the services are my honest opinion.)


1) You can never go wrong with a gift card.


OK, I know I’m usually on my most grateful tour. I’m not jumping off the train today, but I hate getting thoughtless gifts. I rather you do not give me anything than to roll up on me with the dollar store trio. (I know that doesn't sound good, but it's the truth.) Believe it or not, when it comes to Moms the thought really does count and we don’t want rushed, I just found this at CVS, I know it doesn’t fit you, but it says “Greatest Mom” gifts. (You can save those for Father’s Day. Just kidding!)  

Now I suggest you go with a nice round amount of $100 to $250, but I understand that you have to do what works best for your budget.  I recommend Nordstrom’s and Target, not only because I'm an affiliate, but I truly love shopping on these sites.  As a Mom, they offer versatility in what gift I choose for myself or others. Whether that be clothing, jewelry, make-up, shoes, etc., each store offers an array of affordable gift ideas that Moms love.


2) Send Mom on a mini vacay.



Now I know what some of Y’all are thinking. Tam, I’m working on a budget. Did you know you can send Mom on a great 4-day Norwegian Cruise from Miami to Cuba and the Bahamas for as low $329? Yes, you read right. One of my good friends and her Boo took the cruise in March and she said she loved every minute of it. She sent me pics and they were gorgeous. She had me scouring the Internet looking for tickets for my crew. Check it out for yourself. For those prices, you may even be able to tag along. 


3) Book a Luxe Photoshoot. (Bonus Points for throwing in a hair + makeup session!)


Now some of you may know that I’m a Lifestyle Photographer also. I love documenting my client's milestones, Moms especially. We go through so many changes in our bodies and whether some of us like to admit it or not we all like to look good, but it’s not always easy. Put Mom’s beauty on display by making her feel like the SuperStar she is for at least a day. You shouldn't have much trouble booking a local photographer, even on short notice.  It's so easy these days and you can use the digital prints to create a calendar, throw, or a nice mug. I use Shutterfly for my printing needs.  Use my affiliate link and snag a FREE Photo Book


4) Hire a maid for the day. 


After receiving this gift, I’m sure you will top Mom’s list of favorites. Give the gift of a clean house for the weekend.  You can do the cleaning yourself, but be honest if cleaning is not your thing. There are many maid services out there, but choose carefully when booking one. Ask around first, and if you have to choose a business off the web be sure to read all of the reviews. Most maid services begin at $75 - $150 for 3-4 hours of cleaning. 


5) Give Mom the day off.


Now this one is easy and maybe even FREE, but it just depends on how jazzy you want to get. Give Mom an extra special treat by turning her humble abode into a retreat. Brand your theme as the ultimate STAYCATION. Plan to clear the house for the entire day. Give her a good time span too, like 8am-8pm.  Fill a basket with her favorite treats and place them on her nightstand. DVR her favorite shows so she’ll have her most beloved entertainment right at her fingertips. Prepare her bath with her most special accoutrements (bubble bathsalts, magazine and a robe of course). You get the gist. Go all out for Mom to stay in!


6) Take the guess work out of dinner next week. 


As a Mom of a growing 4-yr old boy, I'm always looking for something to make the process easy so that I can keep up with him.  Over the past month, Hello Fresh has been helping me do just that.  The pre-planned meals have made my evenings much more enjoyable. I've actually had time to get out in the yard and play with my son instead of spending time trying to figure out what new things I can cook that we aren't tired of. Then grocery shopping and finally coming home to prepare the meal. (It's even helped me keep food from going bad!) With Hello Fresh I choose my meals in advance and fresh groceries are shipped right to my front door.  They are packaged extremely well to keep the food fresh even if I'm not there to welcome it. It's easy to reschedule or skips delivery weeks that you won't need the service and cancel anytime you feel like it. Don't just take my word for it. Get $40 dollars off of Mom's first week.


7) Get Mom a year's supply of fresh flowers.


I love fresh flowers. They just pretty up the whole home. BloomsyBox will ship freshly cut flowers straight to your Mom's door every month.  Each month, your flower subscription includes stunning flowers sourced globally from eco-friendly, fair-trade farms. From exotic orchids to romantic roses, cheerful sunflowers to classic hydrangeas, each BloomsyBox contains something new – just for you! Use the following codes to receive either $5 off a month to month plan or $10 off a 6-month plan: BLOOMSYA5 or BLOOMSYA10.


8) Get Mom's bank up!


OK, now this one may not be for every Mom, but it just may be for yours.  Women lag severely behind men when it comes to retirement planning. Even though they live longer, they are left to face their golden years with stagnant retirement accounts because they are less likely to invest than men until now.  Gift your Mom a subscription to my Invest Like A Girl™ group where she can learn the basics of stock investing for herself. Within this exclusive group, novice investors gain the opportunity to network with other beginners, participate in the stock simulator exercise, and receive one-on-one mentoring. In addition to the subscription, also gift her a free random share of stock by signing her up for Robinhood.  Robinhood cuts the fees of the large brokerages and allows users to invest in stocks for free. It's the fast simple way to begin the market. 


9) Give Mom the gift of learning.  


You know Moms have dreams too. And some of them get so caught up living that they never get the chance to make some of their dreams come true. This Mother's Day make some of Mom's dreams come true by gifting her a learning experience of her choice from CreativeLive. CreativeLive has courses in art, design, writing, business, crafts, and the list goes on and on.  Each class is taught by a professional in that field. All of the classes are go at your own pace and currently, they have a special offering 19 classes for $19. It's the perfect gift for the Mom who has everything but is still seeking more.


There you have it folks, nine fabulous last minute gifts that you can get for Mom today. So here’s to great Moms! May you be one, experience one, and age gracefully as you keep your sanity through the process. Do you have any last minute gifts that you would like to share? Feel free to share them in the comments.