Launching A Brand From First Thought in 30 Days


Helloooo Good People! 

Thanks for visiting my blog today as I share with you my strategy for brewing up a brand from first thought in 30 days. Now, I encourage my clients to plan, plan, plan when it comes to establishing a business. I personally, like a process of about 90 days from starting up to fruition (making some moolah), but it can be done properly, professionally, and legally in 30 days. Listen as I share the steps of not just starting up, but really making things happen! Just in case the video doesn't load on the first try, refresh your page and I'm sure it will pop-up. 

Launch & Learn: Launching a Brand From Thought in 30 Days

Tune in as Tam Finley shares her secrets for launching a gorgeous, professional brand in 30 days.

Posted by Tamera Finley on Thursday, February 1, 2018


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