How to Make Going Live Work For You


Are you ready to rock going Live?

I'm the first to let you know that going LIVE can go totally wrong. I've made every bumbling, stumbling mistake that one can make. I've had my child and my husband barge in on my LIVE sessions. My neighbors all seem to want to cut grass during my LIVES. I've had all sorts of technical issues -- no sound, green screens, scrambled screens. You name it and I've experienced it.  So I think I can call myself an expert on what not to do when going LIVE.  Watch below as I give you tips to keep you from going through what I've been through and info on how to truly make going LIVE work for you. If you don't see the video below be sure to refresh your page and the video should pop up.


How to Make Going Live Work for You

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Posted by Tamera Finley on Thursday, January 18, 2018


Have you tried going LIVE or are going to try soon? I would love to hear about your experience or cheer you on. Leave your comments below so I can laugh along and cheer with you.


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