Using Pinterest to Organize, Streamline, & Monetize Your Business

Productivity Series: 3 Ways to Use Pinterest for More Than Just Browsing

I can't remember the first time I used Pinterest, but I can remember the feeling of pure, visual bliss as I tunneled through the wormhole of images. Each one perfectly suited my desire to engulf myself in knowledgeable info and all the pretty things I love. Little did I know at the time that my Pinterest fling would evolve itself into a full-fledge romance. But that's exactly what happened when Pinterest settled into a sweet spot right within my business.

What is Pinterest?

You may ask this question, if you're new to the internet or if you've been on a 7-yr sabbatical throughout Antarctica. According to Pinterest, more than 175 million people worldwide use their platform every month. This virtual bulletin board is a social network that allows users to share and discover interests through a process known as "pinning". Users share video or images from their own boards or others. Pinterest was launched in March 2010. Since then, it has been giving Google a run for its money by providing DIY-ers, planners, and entrepreneurs worldwide with the ability to hoard collections of useful information with the click of a button. Once the platform offered Pinterest Analytics, which is very similar to Google Analytics, SEO analysts began the debate on which one is the best search engine to use. The answer to that question really just depends on what you're seeking.

If you're already a pinner, then you've probably used Pinterest to discover how to do everything from style your favorite outfit to planning your wedding. I utilize Pinterest for my branding + web design business, as well as, my freelance photography gigs. If you're still using Pinterest just to support your crafting and DIY habits that's cool, but if you want to learn how I used Pinterest to organize, streamline, and monetize my business keep reading.



Use Pinterest to catalog information without the hassle of paper and a whole lot of other stuff that clutters up your space.

When I decided I was going to throw my hat into the freelance web designer ring, I didn't have a clue about client on-boarding, typical design timelines, or how to attract my ideal clients. So like every other big step in my life, I began researching. Where of all places? Pinterest, of course. Within seconds, my timeline was filled with pins linking me to freelancer blogs and resources from folks who had already traveled the path that I was on. The first thing I did was create a secret board to bookmark all the info. Each morning, I would start my day learning a new process and method. Each time I would discover a new segment of my business, I would create a new board dedicated to the subject matter. Using Pinterest boards allowed me to keep all my information nice and neat, just waiting for me to use it. There was no paper to deal with, no hassle, and no mess. If I found that a pin didn't suit my needs all I had to do was click 'delete'. I eventually acquired enough info and knowledge to create my own client processes for my web design and photography business.



Utilize Pinterest boards to offer clients simplified steps during the client process. For me, this ensures that I have more precise insight of what they're envisioning in their heads.

How I use Pinterest to Streamline the Tam Finley Design Studio's Client Process

Whenever I take on a new TFDS™ project I give my client brief homework assignments before beginning their project. This establishes a safeguard so I can better understanding of exactly what they want to convey with their new brand, logo, and on their website. One of the assignments is to fill a pre-made Pinterest board with pins that represent their brands' intended style and mood. The client performs a Pinterest search on any relevant info and fills the board with their interests. From this board, I'm able to gather everything from color palettes to typography suggestions. It is the most essential tool that I use during my design process to really connect with what my client wants. The best part about it is that it's an easy-peasy, FREE tool that makes my job so much easier and much more infallible.


How I use Pinterest to Streamline Vintage1980 Photography's Client Process

In my photography business, I use Pinterest boards for shoot ideas, studio tips and much more. I've set-up Pinterest boards for each kind of photography that I offer (i.e., maternity, newborns, and weddings). When I send my clients their introductory welcome, I also send a link to a specified photography board. This gives them access to tons of photos, wardrobe ideas and poses that they may want to use in their shoot. This also gives them the opportunity to request exactly what they want. Many times clients think they know what they want or don't have a clue at all until they view these boards. We're then able to agree on the themes they love and things they really hate before picture day. I also include a board with pinned articles and blogposts filled with tips on what to do and not do before the shoot. This is useful info that I don't always have time to sit and write out. Using Pinterest to simplify your client process is a win-win for you and your clients. Don't just take my word for it. Try it out yourself!



Use Pinterest to advertise to a whole market of people that you would never come across in your local environment.

Many moons ago, I owned a chic, online accessories boutique. I can remember in the beginning struggling to reach clients. I had awesome products, but only a few people knew they existed. That was until the day I made the decision to pin a photo of my products. It wasn't even the best image, a little grainy to tell you the truth. Within a few hours, the image had been repinned 52 times. Soon after the orders began to roll in. The minute and a half that it cost me to pin that image had resulted in cold cash. From that day on, I've used Pinterest as a FREE marketing tool for my business. The platform has changed a bit since I began using it. Pinterest now offers you the ability to advertise with Promoted Pins.

Promoted pins are regular pins that you can purchase to promote your pins to a wider, targeted audience. There's no minimum cost, but you do need a business account to access the Pinterest Ads Manager. Whether your product is handmade soap or a tranquil business retreat (hint, hint!), Pinterest is a great platform to introduce it to the world.