The Facts & The Fiction of Registering a Trademark

First webinar completed and many more to go!


I'm so excited!

Today, I launched my first ever webinar series, Launch✦Breaks.

Launch✦Breaks take place during the traditional lunch hour and last 30-45 minutes. Each airing will be filled with information on topics that will assist DIY small business owners in successfully establishing and growing their businesses. The setting is very informal, no hordy-tordy big words and all that mess. I try my best to break down the info so that everyone who watches will walk away knowing more than they did before the viewed. I also extend the opportunity for viewers to ask questions and engage with fellow DIY'ers. Click the link below to check out the replay. Come back and give me some feedback. Also follow me on Crowdcast to watch future Launch✦Breaks airings.

Whoo-hoo! All in a day's work. Launch your own web series. ✔️


Password: lifepreneurs


Are you seeking more info on this topic?

Enroll in my new course coming in July 2017,  the DIY Small Business Guide to Registering a Trademark. Registration begins on June 1, but you can jump on the waiting list today!