Pillow Talk :: Prettying Up the Sofa for the Holidays


So, my holiday decorating is coming right along. I'm trying my best to spread holiday cheer in each area of my home. Today, the sofa was the recipient of some holiday goodness. I love my sofa! It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house and it gets a great deal of use.  It's a grey, leather Chesterfield-styled piece. As you can see from the picture, we live on it pretty hard. It's scuffed, but I love the ruggedness that it brings to my feminine decor.  Also, a little leather cream will pretty it back up in just a few seconds. Hopefully, it lasts for years to come and I can pass it along to my son one day. 


I filled the sofa with pillows from Target®'s Hearth and Hand Collection this year. I also picked up a couple pillows from the local craft store that I thought were cute. I jumped on the plaid trend this Christmas and amped it up a bit by using different variations of plaid.  It's really adding spark to my neutral style this holiday season.

Check out some of my favorite pillow finds from Target® and Amazon®. I included the affiliate links and an offer from Target below.  I would love to see your holiday decor. Be sure to comment with your pictures or links to your #holidaydecor. Happy Decorating! 


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