Tis the Season to Shop!


Guess what Good People?

I have exciting news. I've added a goodie to my affiliate list. Meet the newest member of the Target® Affiliate Family, yours truly! And I couldn't be more excited... (unless they bumped up my incentives...LOL!)

Why all the glee you ask?

Well, now I have a validated reason to justify the hours a week I spend perusing the Target aisles or online. 

In addition, I truly love the brand, style and company's direction.  So, the timing was perfect!

I had already planned to share with y'all some of my favs this holiday season, but now I can also make some moolah on the side while doing it. Yeah!  And I know I'm really hype, but its literally a dream come true for me to share my love of all things pretty and get paid to do it.  So come back daily to see what I've added to the blog. If you aren't already following on Instagram please do, @tamcreates.  I will be daily sharing my most kept design, style, and life hacks during the month of December.

Oh, and if you want to know how I became a Target affiliate and all that jazz, comment and I will share with you in a upcoming post.