It's in a book!


Welcome to my holiday blog series! I will blogging for the next week with holiday shopping ideas. I wanted to start it off with my #1 gift offering this holiday season, glorious books! When gifting a book you can find something for everyone. Whether they're young or old, the Sci-fi guy or the Fashionista, and even the soul searcher, joy can be find within a book. Peruse, my favorites and of course I've included the affiliate links down below. Happy Shopping!


ONE  |   TWO   |   THREE   |   FOUR   |   FIVE   |   SIX   |   SEVEN   |   EIGHT   |   NINE   |   TEN   |  ELEVEN   |   TWELVE   |   THIRTEEN   |   FOURTEEN   |   FIFTEEN   |   SIXTEEN   |  SEVENTEEN |   EIGHTEEN 


Do you have some great #holidayreads? Share with me in the comment section. 

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