So you want to know a bit more about me...

Hold on to Your Socks...Just kidding!

simply loving this life

I love hearing my clients’ aspirations and visions. I’m challenged by each new idea and concept to help them create a masterpiece that they will be proud to show off. I’m the design doula that helps them birth their dreams to life.
— tam finley

Well, I don't get out of bed everyday to just be ordinary. I know that I've been given this life to live and I do my best to do just that. I'm a fun-loving, creative soul. I'm in love with God, life, and having the ability to beautify the world each scene at a time.

OK now that I've shared those tidbits, let me back up a bit...I started bumbling around with computers when I was in high school. However, by the time I finished up my college experience I traded off my Computer Science degree for one in Health Sciences. (I absolutely hated programming then!) My love of computers and design never left me. Shortly after graduation, I was afforded the opportunity to travel around the world with the man of my dreams as he chased a basketball. To make a very long story short, that man became my husband. We spent the next 11 seasons (a little over 10 years) gallivanting all over Europe. While living my happily ever after abroad, I took advantage of the time to soak up world cultures, study and develop my design skills. A few years ago, my hubby retired and we returned stateside with a new addition. 

Ever since returning to the US, I've been trying my darnedest to exhaust all my creative powers by assisting others in finding happiness in their lives and careers. I've flirted around with many career aspirations, but I always come back to my love of design and using all of my superpowers to help others discover and pursue their passions.


When you're not designing what are you doing?

I enjoy spending time with my loving husband and my oh-so-adorable son. My perfect "me-time" evening is spent relaxing with a good frothy, cinnamon latte or a cup of ginger tea. I'm a sucker for a good magazine and an HGTV episode.


How would you define your style?

 My style is classic with a whimsical notion every now and then. I wear what I feel and that may be sweats with heels. My go-to clothing item is denim anything. I love a nice leather handbag and a dazzling accessory. Overall, my style is simple. comfortable and all me.


If you could switch lives with someone right now  who would it be?

In my other life, I'm Beyoncé without Jay-Z, but with my husband and my son. (Who wouldn't be?) In my current life,  I'm a nag-free wife, the most soulful Mom and a curator of entrepreneurial dreams.


A glimpse inside my mind...

By: William Curtis Rolf , Deyrolle Zebra Composition #2

By: William Curtis Rolf , Deyrolle Zebra Composition #2

Art imitates life right? For me, design is my life and I love a great piece of art that just sums up whatever you're going through. Here are two works of art that sum up my current creative style. I love each piece for its simplicity in color and classic essence.  And of course, they're fancy just like me!  In the picture above, I want to live in that place.  And the shoes, what's understood does not have to be explained. 

The perfect pair of pumps are art & sunshine on any given day for me!

The perfect pair of pumps are art & sunshine on any given day for me!

Brands I'm crushing on right now...

Restoration Hardware  

I love RH's lavish, European-influenced, old world style furniture built with modern intricacies. I'm always excited to open my online purchases. The smaller items are packaged so wonderfully in little protective bags and boxes.  Most pieces are vintagey + sophisticated, like me...LOL.


I buy 70% of my wardrobe and my son's wardrobe from the Gap.  The style is simple and quintessential. Since I started shopping there in college I've always known exactly what to expect. Neutral colors and loads of denim. Just like the name, most items purchased are my go-to, in-between, interchangeable, staple pieces in my wardrobe. This is where I snag a great pair of jeans or a comfy wrap dress.


What girl doesn't love a good trip to Sephora? I don't like getting my makeup done, but I love sampling all the new products.  I love Sephora's classic black and white background against the vibrant colors and patterns of various cosmetics, toiletries, and tools. Whether shopping online or in-store it is one of my favorite places to be and I can browse or linger for hours. 


This last brand, I fell in love with Zara while in Europe. They satisfy my quirky, eclectic side with items that just shout Tam. From my leopard ballet slippers to my blue velvet military-style jacket, they always have something new, fresh, affordable, and sure to stand out. They're something like the Tam Finley Design Studio™.